Monday, August 3, 2009

Preparing for Sunday's trip to Madison!

Hi all!
I'm taking a break from organizing our Madison plans to drop a line on Roa's blog! Feeling a bit foggy this morning as poor Roa was up again frequently in the night and for a couple wee morning hours. I can't believe that Roa is 13 months and I have NEVER had a full night sleep yet! 3 hours in a row is about all we get around here.
We think that his legs are bothering him a bit more at night as he tries to relax due to his new AFOs. He is napping now... as should I be, but so much to do!
Other things new: Check out the new video of Roa playing with his balloons! We are going to try and get some more great footage of Roa this week at home before we leave for Madison to compare his strength and skills "before and after" Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.
Roa's new skills noticed this week: improved head control while looking in the animals pens at the fair!, sliding out of his stroller to get down to the ground, crouching down and forward to get in all-fours position, making a "raspberries"/motor sound when playing with a car, continuing to drive Daddy crazy by constant wanting to walk around at church! :)

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