Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 14- Food Allergy test results

The results are in from the intense food allergy testing done on Roa and I. The results are suprising, hopeful, and troubling all at the same time. Roa shows high allergic sensitivity to oats, cheese, milk, yogurt, peanut, kidney bean, and aspergillus niger(a mold found on grapes, onions, and peanuts). He shows moderate sensitivity to wheat, corn, orange, and soy bean. With these results, Dr. Van Dyke recommended we cut these things from our diet. He also suggested we cut the items listed on low allergen including baker's yeast, gluten, beef, pork, and banana to see how Roa responds and then we could possibly add things back after some time. Wow! The Thayer's diet is greatly changing! Fruits, vegetables, rice, chicken and fish will be the staples.
We don't know how these dietary changes will alter Roa's CP, but won't it be interesting to find out what he will be like when he is feeling better? It should also be noted that these type of allergies usually run in families. Allergic responses to foods that go undetected over years can result in symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, insomnia, parkinson's disease, etc... sounds a bit familiar to the Kriesel family tree. Physical symptoms noted are skin issues, dark circle under the eyes, diaper rash,... things our Roa has shown.
The other step we are now looking into is to complete the next food allergy panel that looks at the next series of most common foods (88 to be exact) that might cause issue. We also are looking into a urine screen to determine levels of hormones that could be affecting his sleep.


  1. Jen- I just got home from P/T conferences tonight and read through your 3 posts from today. during the 1st post my eyes swelled with tears. During the second post I thought of the Trip to Holland (we all have journeys). During the 3rd post I felt a feeling of hope!
    I think of you often.
    You are doing an awesome job~

  2. Jen and Bryan--THANK YOU for sharing your feelings and what you guys go through to take such wonderful care of Roa. It's a testament to the wonderful people you are. I continue to say prayers for all of you, Team Thayer!!


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