Sunday, August 30, 2009

LAST WEEK- Sunday night thoughts

So tomorrow we begin our final week of Hyperbarics. We are very excited to be nearing the end. Bryan left at 7:00 tonight to head back to White Bear for work in the morning. Jen's sister Vickie and niece Brittney are here tonight to help out with the travel to and from the sessions tomorrow... and the sleep session tonight. (fingers are crossed) I can't believe it, but Brit starts school Tuesday! Where did the summer go?
It feels like fall here. After a couple hour visit from Jen's sister Valerie and husband Brian, we took off to the Madison zoo. It was a perfect cool day for active animals. Roa laughed so hard at the prairie dogs and the buffalo. He didn't want to leave the seal exhibit, as they were swimming like mad! He is such an animal lover, just like his mom and pop!
I would like to thank all of you who called Bryan or I and sent warm messages this week during our VERY difficult, trying time. Roa has been pushing us each night. We are desperately trying to figure out how to help him get some sleep, for us as well! Hopefully, the new diet plan avoiding food sensitivity items will help some, paired with melatonin, epsom salts baths, etc. Still trying to piece together the puzzle...
This weekend, we saw some really nice "differences" in Roa. Sitting so upright, open hands, standing tall, lying on his side, better attitude with usual stressors. After this last week's sessions, Bryan and I both said, this was a very difficult experience to deal with, one month away/two therapy sessions a day... but we are so very glad we did this for him and it really was worth every penny!
Off to bed I go, catch some shut eye before the "night shift".

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  1. Hey Jen, Bryan and Roa-

    You are in the "home stretch"! Can't wait to see you back in WBL.

    Love ya...

    E, B, M & A


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