Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 7- Running on empty!

Roa has had a couple rough nights of sleep! Down to bed fairly early, but up at 10:30 to midnight, 2:30 to 3:15, 5:15 to 6:00 am!! Mom is running on empty and Roa is a cranky!
When I got to the HBOT center, I talked with the staff about the possiblity of the therapy causing sleeplessness. They said they haven't run into that. We think it still may be the teething, but he still does the constant arm moving in the night, clawing at the sheets and staying awake..... This sleep disorder business is causing some tears and premature graying in Mom and Dad. We are attempting upping his melatonin dose and trying an epsom salt bath per Doctor suggestion... also some teething tablets for the tooth still coming in!
Aunt Ellen is here today with Uncle Bill, who is on business in Milwaukee. Ellen was surprised by Roa's increased head control and open grasping hands! It was nice to hear positive things others are noticing.
Latest observations- Roa is kinda quiet the last two days. Not too much vocalization? Nice head control and great reaching.


  1. Hey Jennifer, Hang in there...easier said than done...right? I wish he would just sleep. I wonder whats going on??? Carson went through the non-verbal thing and seemed very floppy like for a few days. It was right after that, that he got out of the chamber and started rolling like crazy. I am happy to see you are seeing some change in Roa.Now if he would just sleep!!! Did you get my message about Thurs.? Let me know if that works. Otherwise I will come next week.I feel so scatterbrained..I need some oxygen!!Let me know if I can bring you guys anything. Talk to you soon. P.s. I am sending some sleep dust Roa's way.

  2. Hi Jen, I pray that tonight is the night you will all sleep!! I so much enjoyed my stay with you and miss the little guy today! You are in my thoughts and prayers at 9 and 2!!!
    Hang in there and Bryan will soon be in Madtown.


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