Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 9- Daddy's back in the game!

Roa got to spend today's HBOT sessions with Daddy again! This morning's session was a tough one. Roa decided to rise and shine BRIGHT at 5:00am and didn't go back down except for a 20 minute catnap in Mom's arms before the session. Needless to say, he wouldn't nap in the chamber and was a crab for poor Daddy. He napped for over an hour after therapy.
After this afternoon's session, Roa had some yellowish discharge from his nose. We had the doctor take a peek and it might be the beginnings of a sinus infection. We will have to keep an eye on him tonight and make sure he doesn't run a fever and need to see a doctor for sinus meds. If he does have an infection, we may have to hold off on his HBOT. Cross your fingers!
He is in great spirits though, after the session, and didn't want to go down for a PM nap. He isn't acting like he doesn't feel well. Daddy took him to the pool to wear him out. Roa loves his pool time and we love the workout and strengthening he receives! We have only missed one day at the pool since we began!
Tonight Bryan's cousin, Jini, and her husband Murali, will be babysitting for a couple hours so Mom and Dad can have a date night! Yeah! Roa will enjoy the attention of two more adoring fans! We will enjoy a couple hours away from King Roa! ;)

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