Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 11- Trying to keep our spirits up

Today was definitely Monday. Roa had a rough night with frequent wake ups which meant little sleep for Momma. Bryan is back at work, so I was on my own to deal with the cranky guy. It is so depressing to have all the other HBOT families I talk with tell me about the awesome sleep their children got after a few HBOT sessions while we still struggle Roa. I'm trying to stay positive and think, "we are half way still can happen for us". We miss our own beds. We miss home.
Today's sessions went well however. Roa actually slept 30 minutes during each session... catching up from last night, I suppose.
Thank you to my sister Kathy, Gene and the boys for the weekend visit. Thanks also to Barb for helping me out today!
On a positive note, Roa is babbling a lot tonight and is very relaxed. His hands are open most of the time now and rarely fisted. He continues to hand weight-bearing on his arms! Roa also tried a couple mini pieces of spaghetti noodle and didn't gag or turn his head to the right to swallow! He is sleeping now, so off to shower and bed I go as well. Gotta catch some shut-eye when I can!

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