Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 13 - New foods, old sleep issues

We had a mixed night last night. Roa fell asleep at 8:45 pm, stirred a little at 10:15, then slept until 2:30 am. He then cried for the next two hours because he was tired but refused to go to sleep. He finally slept for two more hours and was up for good at 6:30 am. Jen got up and took him down the hall so I could sleep in another hour. By his first therapy session, he was tired and fussy and that held through for the entire hour. Frustrating!

He has not been eating a lot of his own food the past couple of days and is really interested in the food we are eating. We are starting to give him small pieces of our food and he has been handling it pretty well. Previously, he had difficulty manipulating foods inside his mouth and would attempt to swallow chunks that were to large which would lead to gagging and choking. Now he is moving the food around his mouth with his tongue and chewing it completely before swallowing it. That is an exciting improvement.

The afternoon session went a lot better. Roa was not fussy and was content to watch a movie during the session. After the session, we played at the center for a bit before coming home for his nap. Roa likes pushing a shopping cart around the center and watching the other kids on the move. Hopefully, he is learning from them and getting motivated!

This evening, our cousin Jini is coming over to swim with us! Another exciting evening at the Country Inn!

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