Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love and support

Yesterday, we had a visit from my sisters Ellen and Vickie. They were great help and played with Roa while I met with his service coordinator and occupational therapist to discuss his plan for the rest of this IFSP term. We also talked about funding for insurance copays and other adaptive supports and equipment we might need for Roa in the future. Upbelievable that being "middle-class" is truly a curse in our great country when it comes to government support... but, I don't want to get into politics!
After the meeting, it was nice to catch up with my sisters while we worked on packing up a portion of the Thayers lives for our new home-away-from-home in Madison.
When Bryan got home, we were shocked to see him carrying in 2 huge gifts from the API ANGELS!! :) Some of Bryan's coworkers put together care packages of homemade frozen dinner, snacks, books, toys, magazines, etc. for the Thayer clans venture! Thank you so much, you wonderful people! Both Bryan and I shed a few tears as we read the nice card! (although Bryan wouldn't admit that!) It is very nice for others to recognize the stress that is added to a family's life with this diagnosis and all the organization of therapies to work towards bettering Roa's life.
Roa's latest accomplishments- getting used to walking, a bit more, outside with his new AFOs, kicking his legs and moving his arms for movement through the pool, attempting some graham cracker pieces for a snack.

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