Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 8- Limp Little Noodle

Today's HBOT sessions have left the boy as loose and relaxed as an be! It was quite amazing seeing him completely ring-sit inside the chamber and reach for the toy in front of him! Today, I gave him his massage and did his stretching in the chamber and it really seemed to work well! We will have to make that part of the routine. I just laid Roa down for his PM nap after he fell asleep in his highchair eating Gerber Cheese puffs like a madman. His appetite was very good the last two days as well.

Daddy is on his way back to Madison tonight. We can't wait to see him! It has been a long few days without Daddy to entertain us!

This afternoon, as we waited for the hotel shuttle van, Roa played with Christopher, an 18 month old brother of a child receiving therapy. It was funny watching Roa (who towers over Christopher and outweighs him by 5lbs) take in everything that Christopher did! They stared at each other and watched every move made until Christopher reached out to give Roa a hug. I was holding Roa up and he proceeded to wrap both his arms AND his legs around the poor kid! I think Roa has been watching Max and Molly (our dogs) wrestle too much. We need to get him around some toddlers! I laughed so hard!

I have been doing some research and talking with parents who have home chambers for treatment. It is pretty interesting that many people are deciding to purchase their own chambers to save money. It sounds like it might be a nice option for the future to consider if we find the benefits for Roa are worth the cost.


  1. Jen-I love the updates.I'm glad to hear today was a better day.


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