Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 15- Always look on the bright side of life

We had a great friday evening at the ol' Country Inn, so I didn't get to post last night.
Today, we are looking at a cool day here in Madison. Sweatshirts, leaves turning, cool wind. Can't believe fall is almost here. September 23rd, Roa begins ECFE class with Mom.
We also need to start planning our next Great Expectations Family Support Group meeting.
Yesterdays session were great! Dad and Roa came out of the chamber smiling! Roa took two great naps yesterday, laughed and frolicked in the pool, and joined Mom and Dad at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley next door to the hotel for dinner. Roa has been doing a nice job trying bits and pieces off our plates. Very encouraging... as long as we stay away from wheat, oat, dairy..... Which reminds me, today we must grocery shop for our new food sensitivity diet.
Last night on our family walk, the sidewalks were hopping with frogs! Daddy caught one and showed Roa. He looked puzzled at first. Wide-eyed, confused. Then, he bursted into a full-blown belly laugh! It was truly priceless and a perfect end to our difficult week.
One more week of HBOT to go. We are counting down until we can see Max and Molly, Beast and Coalie. There was a Helping Paws Golden Retriever at the center yesterday. Roa was mesmerized, watching Mozart's every move as the dog paced, waiting for his master to come out of the chamber. Roa got to pet the furry helper and he was happy as a clam! When Mozart left the room, Roa cried. He misses his puppies! And it sounds like they miss us, as Molly has escaped from the backyard on several occasions trying to find us. Homeward Bound, huh, Ellen! :)

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