Monday, August 10, 2009

Day One of HBOT!

We met this morning with Dr Van Dyke of the WI HBOT center and talked a LONG time with him about Roa and his development. Dr. Van Dyke is very knowledgeable about different supplements, dietary changes, etc. that we can attempt with Roa to help his motor development. We were very overwhelmed with all the info! We then rushed into our first HBOT session as Roa was cranky and ready to eat and nap!
Roa did not like the "hood" he is supposed to wear and flipped out when I tried to put it on him, so... we will try next time. He also had some issues with the change of pressure with the ear popping, as did I, but the attendant running our "dive" quickly lowered the pressure and things got better. Roa slept while breastfeeding through most of the hour. Momma just needs to learn to calm her nerves and adjust to the small space and warmth of the chamber! We have another session at 3:30. Say a prayer for us!
We will try and post pics and video tonight!

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  1. I hope the second session went better! I just made a consult appt for Fri! I'm soo nervous! Does it stay warm? I thought it cools off when it reaches pressure. Thank goodness for breastfeeding! oh..I guess its tough to bf with a hood on. Do you still get good results without it?


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