Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 5- He's just warmin' up!

Things went better today for Daddy and Roa in the chamber. The technician seems to have found the right sequence of raising the chamber pressure, so Roa doesn't react so much to the ear popping. Roa and Daddy get alot of play time in the chamber as he doesn't seem to want to nap. Bryan has even mastered a couple diaper changes inside!
We brought the hood home for the weekend to give it some practice. Who knows...
After the morning session today, Jennifer's friend Gerri, who teaches in WI Dells, stopped by the hotel and bought us lunch! So nice to visit with her! She joined us at the center to see Roa's final HBOT session of the week.
Bryan leaves Sunday night to head back to the world of work. Mommy is going to have to face her fears and park herself in that chamber Monday through Wednesday until Bryan returns!
Have a great weekend everyone!
New observations of Roa- Continues to want to walk around EVERYWHERE with us holding his arms. Continues to enjoy our nightly pool-therapy session and is a MADMAN heading down the waterslide with Momma! Handles practice with rolling over on the bed and actually laughs while doing it instead of being angry! :)

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