Friday, July 31, 2009

More Daddy time!

Today, Roa is off for another aquatic therapy session with Andrea at the Courage Center and Bryan is off work to take him! Bryan loves to be a part of Roa's therapy and to get a chance to learn from Roa's great Physical therapist. I am excited to get some cleaning and organizing done before we leave for Madison on August 9th.
Bryan talked with his supervisors at work about our family's situation, Roa's diagnosis, and our upcoming therapy and they have been nice enough to let Bryan work a few days each week from Madison! Bless API! They have been very kind and supportive to us during this all. Roa and I are very happy that Daddy will be a part of our HBOT experience and will be seeing us a bit more than weekends.
Thank you to those of you who have offered to help us care for our dogs and cats during our time away. With Kimberly from Bryan's work helping out during the week and Al and Laurie helping on weekends, alot of the time is covered. If you would be able to be "on-call" for pet care, we would appreciate it greatly. Just give Bryan or I a call.
Please take a moment to read the HBOT links attached to the bottom of our webpage. Very interesting articles on hyperbaric oxygen and it's impact on children with cerebral palsy. Hopefully, word will travel and more families can seek help from insurance for coverage of this new therapy option. Have a good weekend!

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