Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog- under construction!

Monday already?! After a busy weekend, it is back to the work week! Today Roa and I will be off to Occupational Therapy at Courage Center in Stillwater. His therapist, Carissa will be attempting therapy in the pool for the first time! Since he loves physical therapy in the pool, we thought we would give OT a try there as well.
Tomorrow Roa gets fitted for his first pair of AFOs (ankle-foot orthosis) that will help him learn to position his feet in a more typical way for walking. Roa also has Birth to 2 phyiscal therapy tomorrow with Mary at our house.
I am working on posting more video of Roa on this blog. We want to gather alot of footage of him during a normal day so that we will have a starting comparision point for his Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Hopefully, we will see Roa's skills develop as he goes through HBOT and we will share his growth with you.

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