Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AFOs today!

Today Roa had PT at home with Mary this morning. He was a hard worker, doing alot of side sitting, exercise ball work, and reaching and grasping. This afternoon, Bryan and I took Roa in for his AFO fitting. After the fitting, it was off to Target to buy new socks and shoes to fit with the AFOs. Oh, so much to think of! Thus far, Roa doesn't seem to mind the bracing of his feet-ankles-legs. Walking, however, is a whole new experience for him with AFOs and shoes 2 sizes to big on!
Tomorrow morning, Roa and I are off to the new support/playgroup that I am starting in White Bear Lake. "Great Expectations"- parenting an infant or toddler with special needs, is my new project and a much needed group for this community! I am excited to meet other parents and get Roa playing with other little ones in White Bear Lake. Wish us luck!

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  1. Hope you and Roa have a great day with "Great Expectations"! It will be a good outlet for both of you. See ya later....

    E :-)


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