Friday, July 24, 2009

Night of sleep!

Good Morning Fans of Roa!
Roa went to sleep last night at about 8:00! Bryan and I got some much-needed Adult time! Not only did our sleeping prince go to bed earlier than usual, but he slept until midnight, got a diaper change and slept until 5:45am!! Perfect! I feel like a new woman with so much sleep!

Bryan and I decided to start this blog to not only give you a picture of Roa's day, but also to document the changes he makes through his various therapies. We will be posting video of Roa "at work" with therapy, as well as recent photos.
While Roa and I are away at Madison at the Wisconsin Hyperbaric Oxygent Therapy Center, I will use this tool to keep in touch with you all and show you the Center, the HBOT, and Roa's progress. Hope you enjoy this link into our world! Say prayers for progress!


  1. What a great idea to start this blog. We can share the journey with Roa.

  2. This is the coolest thing ever. What a neat way to keep familly and friends in the loop instead of being on the phone all the time. Good Luck to all of you when you take your adventure to Madison. I hope things go well, you will all be in my Prayers, Jen. Take Care and Stay Strong!!!!! Angie heinzel

  3. Love the new blog! What a great idea!!! We are so excited for your trip to Madison and look forward to watching Roa's progress.

    Love you guys...

    Ellen, Bill, Mackenzie and Alyssa


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