Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AFOs, new friends, and lack of sleep!

Hello all-

Roa is adjusting fairly well to his new foot orthosis. If he could jusy figure out how to step BIG with these size 5 shoes! Roa wears his AFOs for 2 hours at a time and then we check for redness and let his feet breathe a bit. He fights them going on a little, but then just stares down at his big new shoes! :)

Tuesday night was a rough one for poor Roa! He went down at 8, but was awake and cranky from 11:30-2:30am!! Tooth coming in, muscles not relaxing- with arms in constant motion, or behavioral.... regardless of the cause, the Thayers were all CRANKY come 7:00am wake up!

Yesterday was our first meeting of the "Great Expectations" support group for parents of infants and toddlers with special needs. There were 6 other moms and 2 WBL ECSE teachers that joined us on the playground of Normandy Park Early Childhood Center! Wow! What a great turn out! The little ones played and the moms got to chat! It was great to connect and hear from other moms about area doctors, resources, schools, etc. We all are excited to continue to meet through out the year! The ECSE teachers will continue to help me organize the group, which is wonderful! Roa is especially happy to get to interact with other kids! His was fussy due to the hot sun and the lack of sleep, but put a little blonde girl in front of him, and he is all smiles! (Like father, like son! ) :)

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