Friday, June 4, 2010

CP Dreamin'

Once upon a time, there was a land, a beautiful land called Cerebral Palsy. 

And in that great land, there was a place to take your child diagnosed with CP.  A place where they would read the crystal ball and say, "Here are the therapies that will help,  Here are the ones to skip." 

"Want to give that bright little mind a chance to communicate on his own?  We got the perfect oral motor activities to get him talking!  Think he needs a communication board.  Let us find the perfect one that doesn't take a lot of coordination to reach or strength to activate!"

This wonderful place also has a center where they actually WATCH your child move and play.  They, then say, "Here is the walker we will build for him- custom-made to support him in areas he needs it but allows him to move in his own unique way."

The sleep specialists come to your house and actually attempt to help you through the wee hours of morning crying sessions.  They devise a plan and help you implement the perfect mix of natural supplements, massage, and postioning aids.

The helpful staff at CP land also looks at your everyday, life needs and says,  "Here is a bath seat to make bathing easier." 
 "Have trouble with a restaurant highchair?  Here you go!  Voila!  A perfect insert!"
"Want to take the little guy grocery shopping, but have trouble managing him and the cart?  Just put this gadget in the cart and he is fully supported!"

And the most BEAUTIFUL part of CP land is that these wonderful aids that make life easier for the family with cerebral palsy (because we ALL live it, not just the child)  DO NOT cost an arm and a leg or require a prescription from a doctor in order for insurance to cover. 

You are free, as a family, to LIVE life just like everyone else.... having fun with your child, celebrating milestones, and dreaming big dreams of bright futures... just like everyone else.

Oh, what a wonderful dream.


  1. In the wee hours of the night, we are in same the dream land.....

  2. And I am living that dream with you. Hugs.

  3. Beautiful, Jennifer. If only such a land existed!


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Mom and Me