Monday, April 12, 2010

S L O W I N G down a bit.....

So, I took a little break from the blog.  Sorry to you faithful readers.  Thanks to those who asked me to get back on and write about our Roa!

Actually, not a lot has change in the world of Rojo.  He continues his busy schedule, taking an occasional break from a therapy as it is spring and the therapists all take a spring break.  Otherwise, it has been life as usual.   Work, play, stretch, gait trainer, mat time, books, outside, stroller walks, bath and bed.......

The botox is starting to "settle".  Roa's hands are beginning to be able to close again and he is starting to hold on to toys once again... Thank goodness!  He is accepting the forearm supports on his gait trainer now which has improved his posture and his overall gait.  Perfect for moving around outside, which he LOVES!!

We spent most of the weekend outside.  Picking rocks to make a new flowerbed, planting seeds for our garden, cleaning up the garage, and lawn work.  Roa is in heaven with his sunglasses, gait trainer and a rake!
Daddy is "Mr. Cool" now to Roa.  COMPLETELY in awe of his father!  When Bryan started up his motorcycle and the lawn mower, I thought Roa would FLIP over in his trainer, he was so pumped!

Love that family together time.

I have been a bit under the weather the last two weeks- nausea, tired, hard time keeping food down.... sound familiar to anyone????      YEP, you guessed it,  Baby T-2 is on the way.  It is early yet.  Only in my 7th week, but I can tell my blogger friends right!? :)

We are surprised, happy, scared..... but overall blessed.    

Mom and Me

Mom and Me