Thursday, November 22, 2012


"Roa!", she exclaimed as I walked him through the sea of children at the YMCA Childcare area.

"Hey!  He goes to my school!".
I was so relieved to have one of the children approach instead of just look with curiosity.

She said her name was Hannah.  I then remembered her from Roa's class photo.  Sweet little girl with big brown eyes, like my Roa's.  She didn't realize how grateful I was that day for her presence.

"Roa, do you want the red car or the green car?", she asked, extending her little thumbs out for him to choose.  YES!  I thought.  She is doing just what he needs.
Hannah stayed by Roa's said the entire time we were exploring the Childcare area.  She didn't show discomfort or fear.  She was just his friend.

Today, on Thanksgiving Day,  I am thankful for Hannah and the Hannahs out there.  Kids who are kind and look past the wheelchair and walker to see the friend inside.
It gives me such hope for Roa's school years.  Hope for all our children's future.  But it also gives me true pride in the ability of my Roa to reach past his disability and sparkle!

Happy Turkey Day, Rojo fans!     Be true to you. Be kind to others.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


So proud of my boy.
Yes, every parent should have that same thought, but I truly am,
 so proud of my boy.

He is strong when you can tell he is struggling.
He is patient while he waits for me to have time.
He is expressive with his eyes and mannerisms without saying a word at all.
He is gentle when petting the cat and dog.
He is rough when wrestling with Daddy.
He is knowing when sitting quietly at mass.
He is crazy when laying in a pile of leaves.
He is questioning when learning new information about life.
He is curious about how thing work.
He is melancholy when watching other children at play.
He is exuberant when they come to play with him.
He is all things bold and beautiful.
The Lord God made him all that he is.  AS he IS.

So proud of my boy.
Aren't you?

Mom and Me

Mom and Me