Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank You, MNRI Team!

A position Roa would NEVER just lay in before MNRI!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Magustova Magic

Roa, Mom, and Dad attended  The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration camp ( MNRI) just minutes away from our home in Bloomington, MN. 
What is this, you ask?
Per the website,
"Fundamental to the MNRI Method is the understanding that automatic primary motor reflex patterns do not disappear, they integrate. While most people in the general health and wellness community are quite familiar with primary motor reflex patterns, they generally view the patterns as developmental milestones. In the course of working with a patient, if primary motor reflex patterns are found active beyond the expected or typical developmental time period, the presence of the pattern is viewed as an indication that underlying developmental or neurological issues may exist. Within the framework of the MNRI Method, primary motor reflex patterns play a much larger role. First, it is important to understand that reflexes do not function in complete isolation of one another. Primary motor reflex patterns, in particular, play a subordinate role in the maturation of more complex motor reflex schemes (i.e., rolling over, sitting up, crawling, etc.) Once a primary reflex pattern fully matures during the typical developmental period, it integrates to serve this subordinate role. A dysfunctional pattern results either because it did not mature and integrate in the first place or because it has re-surfaced at some point after integration. In other words, a dysfunctional primary reflex pattern is not simply an indictor of potential neurological dysfunction, but actually helps to identify where underlying neurosensorimotor dysfunction exists in the body. The MNRI Method isolates reflex dysfunction, engages restorative techniques targeting underlying neurosensorimotor dysfunction, and works toward facilitating the integration process, resulting in improvements and sometimes even complete recovery of general function."

RoJo struggles with many primitive reflexive patterns.  They are correctly firing reflexes (which is good)  yet they are not integrating.  Thus, Roa has difficulty rolling over, reaching toys in midline, sitting, eating, etc.... 
Since the camp, Roa has begun to flip over to his belly from his back! This rolling pattern is huge in our life! Especially arm-righting!  He remains on his tummy to lay and watch TV or reach out to toys.  He is just more solid in his trunk and maintains belly time play for longer with head control.  He has also opened, grabbed and gotten food off the plate and into his mouth with minimal assistance!  WOW!  Great things happening with MNRI!

Since the camp, our life has changed as we are embark on an individualized program designed by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, herself.  For about 3 1/2- 5 hours per day (spread out from wake to sleep), we work on reflex exercises.  Roa is accepting them so well!
We have taken a break from other therapies so that we can focus on this.  We feel that strongly about the progress we are seeing and the peaceful, body-alerting response we are getting from King Roa, himself.

It is very encouraging and gives us such great hope that Roa can battle through the brain injury that affects his every move.  Thank you Dr. Masgutova and your team for an eye-opening experience we needed so much!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Masgutova Method Family Camp

Kneeling and weight bearing with OPEN hands!!   Pure amazement!

Mom and Me

Mom and Me