Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, life continues to be crazy busy at the Thayer house.  Roa's therapy routine keeps us hoppin.  Add to that the busy world of Prince Gunnar the Great and it leads to little complished by Mama.  Gunnar is now crawling all over, loves the outdoors (much like the King), and pulls to stand on everything!  Fun, busy times.

We had BIG dreams and plans to revamp our backyard this summer to make it a Roa friendly playspace and that project has made no gains.  Sad to say.  We either have weekend plans, rainy weather, or terrible heat holding us back.  It will happen.  Someday...and it will be a slow going process for physical, time, and financial reasons.

We also planned on getting right on an enterance ramp for Roa's transitions in and out of our home.  That too hasn't happened yet.
Potty training.  Not yet.
Exploration of further therapuetic attemtps.  On hold.

Pretty much all my summer plans and endeavors in our Land of CP have taken a backseat to life in general with two busy boys who love Mom and Dad's unlimited attention.
On a positive, I am so very much enjoying motherhood with my boys.  Somedays, I want to pull my hair out and run screaming into the woods, but most of the time I am so mermerized watching them grow and change.  I truly hate when my occasional trip away to the store or dinner with friends or date night runs too long!  I don't want to miss a thing!
Gunnar is so entertaining for Roa.  Roa watches his every move and wants to make the sounds Gunnar makes, play with toys Gunnar has, move like Gunnar is moving.  It has made "Momma therapy" sessions of rolling and crawling, stretching and positioning much easier with Gunnar there for distraction.
Gunnar is eating everything insight as well, making Roa want to self feed!  YEAH!  He isn't able to get food into his hands independently yet, but is getting it to his mouth when you help position it. 

Baby steps.... little earthquakes...  I am enjoying.   As our summer flies by without the goals being checked off the Land of CP To Do List.

Mom and Me

Mom and Me