Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wait and See

I'm having a hard time finding the time and ambition to blog. Sorry for my distance, some days, or months, are like that.
Roa is happy to be back at school. His routine has switched from Slow to Speedy fast. We are still getting used to the mornings twice a week at therapies and the afternoons busy with school and conductive education.
We begin another round of ABM in a few weeks with Pati again. Five more intense days of slow movement practice and a lot of prayers.
Roa had his Botox/phenol the first week of school and it is in full effect. Some good with the bad, as always. Frustration as limbs move too loosely, rolling is new and difficult, loose mouth leads to some drooling. But sitting is better and sleep has improved. Improved in the sense that people continuously ask if he is tired.... Sigh. Always good with the bad.
Roa is making raspberries. You know the sound you can make with your tongue? Yep! That is promising of future sounds. Future words. So we wait.
Waiting has been hard for this weary momma lately. Waiting for those tiny earthquakes that seem few and far between. But that is my full time job. Waiting for miracles.
In the mean time, we have gone camping, hiking, playing in parks. We get support from good friends and neighbors. We have joined the YMCA and signed Ro up for the Special Olympics program there. We try to include him in all that we can. We know he is beginning to grasp just how different he is. That is hard .
We are shopping for a handicapped accessible vehicle. We are accepting that some of life's hardships will not change for Roa. Nor for us as a family, but with faith, prayers, and yes, tears we keep going.

Playground Fun

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to school

First day of school photo- cranky and sore from Botox/phenol but ready!

Mom and Me

Mom and Me