Thursday, November 8, 2012


So proud of my boy.
Yes, every parent should have that same thought, but I truly am,
 so proud of my boy.

He is strong when you can tell he is struggling.
He is patient while he waits for me to have time.
He is expressive with his eyes and mannerisms without saying a word at all.
He is gentle when petting the cat and dog.
He is rough when wrestling with Daddy.
He is knowing when sitting quietly at mass.
He is crazy when laying in a pile of leaves.
He is questioning when learning new information about life.
He is curious about how thing work.
He is melancholy when watching other children at play.
He is exuberant when they come to play with him.
He is all things bold and beautiful.
The Lord God made him all that he is.  AS he IS.

So proud of my boy.
Aren't you?

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Mom and Me