Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Craniosacral and ABM Team

Roa had a therapy session yesterday that was pretty exciting!
 I asked if Kim, Craniosacral, and Neue, Anat Baniel Method, could work together with Roa as I really feel that they could compliment each other.  Yesterday was the first official combined therapy time and it went great!!
Roa was on the floor on his back and with some gentle guidance, rolled to his tummy and righted his arms independently to push up on his forearms.  He did this WITHOUT complaint!! It was wonderful!  

During the session he also bent his arms independently (usually they are straight out when attempting motor tasks) and he moved up onto his knees while on his tummy.   All such little things, but to us THEY MEAN THE WORLD!
Roa had many "in the zone" moments while Kim and Neue worked.  It was exciting to see the joy in his face and a sense of accomplishment. 

That night, Roa was a sommersaulting maniac (I DEFINITELY have to get that on video and post for you to see) and he also was kicking at toys while sitting in his rocker... WITH purpose...and alot of laughter! 

Some great brain connection were made yesterday.  Let's hope this progress continues!


  1. That's GREAT Jennifer!!! I tried a new therapy with Jillian- Feldenkrais. I wrote about it on my blog. We saw an immediate improvement in tone, but it's so expensive. :( how are you feeling?

  2. You are an awesome mom, all the amazing things you do for your sweet little boy...stumbled upon this while searching...Aiden's mom from ECFE, Stephanie, we have missed you the last few weeks. I hope all is well. Would love it if you would contact me sometime!!

  3. That is totally awesome news! Can't wait to see Roa "live" in action.


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