Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Roa's big birthday is coming up on June 24th.  I can't believe our little guy will be two!!  Actually, by the amount and temperature of his latest tantrums and meltdowns, I guess I can tell we are hitting that dreaded second year!

We are having a small family pool time at the Courage Center in honor of his special day.  I am excited for our family to see where Roa spends part of his therapy time in a place he loves so much.  We are hoping that maybe our families will feel a bit more comfortable with asking questions about cerebral palsy, therapies and Roa's life after taking a "step in our world" for a couple hours.

I am not a birthday party for tots kind of person.  I think that parties at such a young age are only for the benefit of the parents and extended family and that kids usually just get overstimulated, cranky and off -schedule.  When kids are older and have little friends, birthdays actual mean so much more to them. 
So, Bryan and I thought this pool idea would go right with Roa's routine, only he will be swimming with familiar faces! :)

We have had a few people ask about present ideas for Roa.  PLEASE, everyone, do not feel that you have to buy him anything.  Many of you have donated to his Hyperbarics, Conductive Ed., and other therapies and equipment, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.  The gift of a monetary donation towards Roa's future progress is a HUGE gift that goes on giving for the Thayer's for years to come.

As the toy and book collector that I am, I have already bought a few presents for Roa's big day.
If  you want to give him a small gift to unwrap, small pool or bath tub toys, fidgety toys like koosh balls, wind-up toys, etc are GREAT for therapy times!  Roa also loves balls of ANY style size or kind. Toys that are entertaining and easy to activate- like remote control cars, etc are great as well.

Once again, thanks for all the support in the first two years of Rojos life.  Remember that the gift of a friendly ear to hear about his progress, an interested voice asking questions about our life, or a visit with The King himself is the greatest gift you can give.


  1. Jillian's 2nd birthday is in September! I can't believe they're 2 already!! I'll get back to your e-mail (probably tonight!)

  2. Happy Birthday Roa!! And congratulations mom and dad for making it another year!!!

  3. Time goes by so fast! Elijah will be three (!!!) in August. Happy early Birthday to King Roa. :) A gathering at the Courage Center sounds awesome- good for you for doing something Roa will enjoy!


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