Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Thayer's had family photos taken on Saturday.  Roa also got his individual 2 year shots.  Picture time has never been fun with Rojo.  We tried the cheap route, visiting Sears and JC Penney's but were not happy with the results.  Actually, with JCP, I contacted the manager and complained.
 Every appointment I make, I call ahead and let them know that Roa has CP.  I explain that he doesn't sit on his own and will need positioning aids, a quick camera to catch him when he is able to hold a position independentlly for a minute, and an experienced photographer with alot of patience!
The last visit to JCP was when Roa was turning 1.  The first red flag that this wasn't the dream session we would have liked was the fact that the photographer who checked us in said, "Oh, he has cerebral palsy."  Can I look at him first?"
What was she expecting to see? A scary monster in our stroller?
When she came over and met Rojo, she said with surprise, "OH, he is Cute?!"
Again,...scary monster expectations??
The photographer taking the photos was nervous and very hurried.  I think we got one good shot and he wasn't even smiling, just looking towards the camera.

I know it is not easy snapping shots of Roa.  Trying to catch the moment while positioning and distracting is difficult.  That terrible session made me research Special Needs Photography online.  Guess what?  No where to be found. What a great business venture THAT would be!! 

Throwing it out there into the universe.......

Amber from A la Flutter photography is now our official family photographer and she is GREAT!  So kind and patient, giving King Roa the time and attention he deserves.  Check her work out at:

What are you other Special parent's experiences with photographers?  I'd love to hear!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROA! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

    I bet your pictures turned out fantastic. He is so handsome. (grrrr to those JCP photogs. at least you have educated them a little)

    We had Henry's 2 year pictures taken on Saturday too. Fortunately we have a photographer friend. I dont know what we would do otherwise. He transformed our back yard into a studio. Henry is sitting pretty well in a camp chair so we created a camping scene. With campfire and everything. Then a dip in the pool. He is still wobbly in sitting so we got a few good shots on all fours.

    Glad you found a photographer you and Roa are comfortable with. Its not easy to capture the perfect shot. I agree special needs photography is a great service.

  2. Ugh, you JCP is the exact reason that I have not had William's pictures taken professionally. Adding in the same issues that you have, William has he will not look at the camera or make eye contact to smile on command. I've just been too scared to be let down I guess :( I'm so glad that you found someone great!! Her pictures are beautiful, I need to find someone like that!

  3. We had a horrible experience at JCP too, when Walker was 1, I complained, and will never go back. I still haven't figured this one out, instead I usually blow up the pictures that I really like from my own camera. You are so right, what a great business idea!!!

  4. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday Roa. We share the same special day! I hope it was a lovely, happy day for you, just as it was for me.

    As for photographs.
    The best photographs I have taken of children are when they are having fun in a CE session. Active, happy souls with real smiles on their faces.

    It could be possible to get a professional photographer to come with you to one of the activities Roa does each week and take the photos there.

    You are right a good business opportunity for someone interested in that venture.

    Best wishes

    Susie Mallett

  5. Family pictures are a nightmare in our home too...and my husband is a professional photographer. Autism hates the camera and we've battle it for years. Your pictures are wonderful. Congrats!


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