Tuesday, June 8, 2010

King Roa Demands

Got a new stander to try out for the summer delivered today.  It is a "Sit to Stand" and Roa has been in it a couple times while at school and doesn't seem to mind being in it.  Standers are used with children diagnosed with CP to help them bear weight and work on hip alignment.  It is not always a fun choice of activity, especially for a kid like Roa who likes to go go go!  But, we battle through it.

Stander time was thought to give me some relief from "Roa entertaining".  Put him in the stander and you can clean or cook while he plays, the therapists say.   Yeah, Right!  Not with our boy.  King Roa is possibly the most impatient, demanding child ever!  I can not leave the room without an outburst from the King.  Stander time is "Momma, sit right beside me and juggle time".

People say, let him cry and he will learn.  Tell him you will be right back.  Give him something to entertain him while you are gone. 
I have tried it all and then some..... King Roa still cries, yells and demands.  It is just who he is.  Drives me INSANE at times, but it is life with Roa.

So, we work diligently at helping him increase the control of his hands and work on positioning in standers, chairs and floor.  We look for toys he can easily activiate that also cognitively challenge him.  Roa's brightness is a curse at times.  His brain know what it wants to do and learn and explore.  His little body holds him back.

So, Momma keeps juggling to keep the King happy.  Housework and even bathroom time sometimes has to wait when King Roa demands.


  1. It would be fun to get our boys side by side and see which one is more demanding and impatient. :) It is tiring to say the least. Our pt said the same thing about the stander. Put him in while you do...whatever. Yeh right! I would love to see what toys you find in the easy to operate/cognitively challenging category.

  2. Roa, you are so very handsome. You have the face of an angel :) You remind me so much of our little Noah.

    With lots of love and prayers always

    Stacy, Chris & little Noah

  3. Walker has a hard time in the stander too. If we miss one day in it, then its back to square one and we have to work up his time, first ten minutes then increase it as he goes. And there is no self entertaining while in there either! I have to keep him busy otherwise he tries to wiggle himself out and give me grey hair!


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