Friday, May 28, 2010

Enter Sandman

Can't believe I haven't been on this topic for a while, but now, here we go again.... SLEEP.  

Oh,, glorious SLEEP!  How we miss you.

You go through life, hugging your pillow each night... dreaming,  waking to an alarm clock or birds chirping.  Life is good.  Sleep is good.
I remember days when I would say things like, " I think I slept too much." or "I'm sleeping in tomorrow".
Those days are long gone.

Roa Joseph is a HORRIBLE sleeper.  We do the melatonin, warm bath, epsom salts, massage.  We've done early bedtimes, later bedtimes.  We've done memory foam, more nightlight, less nightlight, fan for background noise.  We do warmer bedroom, cooler bedroom.

Not only can Roa not sleep through the night, he can NOT get back to sleep after waking.  Most nights he is up for 1 to 2 hours at a time.

Bless Bryan's heart, he is getting up with Roa and handling most of the night time wakings now that I am not nursing and pregnant.  Not that I can sleep with the crying and fussing, but at least I can stay in bed until Bryan needs a break.
Last night Roa was up after 11:00pm  3 times.  He THEN  woke... for the day.. at 3:00 AM!! 
We CANNOT function this way!!
 Roa on the other hand, is cranky, but ready to play with the dogs and have some milk and crackers.  He even had his PT session wth Mary this morning at 8:15 and worked his little tail off!  
How can he function on so little sleep????

Napping is going better during the day, but he is EXHAUSTED by that time.... Bryan and I, however, are exhausted all day.

Mr. Sandman,  Please Please Please?,,,,,,,,


  1. Jillian's a pretty terrible sleeper too. It takes her a long time to fall asleep. Thankfully she sleeps through the night, but nap time is brutal too. I hope things get better for you AND King Roa soon!!!

  2. Darn! I was hoping your post was going to be the magic cure. Our guy is up all night too. With a catnap or two during the day. I dont know how he does it. We had a (substitute) therapist tell us that our sleep story is the same as every other parent she knows with a CP kiddo. Ugh. That is not comforting at all.


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