Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to do on a Rainy Day....

A week of rain.  Could it be more depressing?

  Roa and I have been making the most of it indoors this week.  I am pulling out my bag o' tricks from my teaching years and we are being creative.  Bubbles, shaving cream, finger paints, balloons, clothes basket rides... I even put socks on our cat, Beast, which really brought on the rolls of laughter from the boy!  Beast is so bored inside, she didn't even mind the blue and green striped numbers.

Since 4 months of age, Roa has loved tenting it.  Blanket tents, real tents, blankets over the crib..... his own private little world.  I add balloons on strings pinned and hanging down, a few flashlights and light up toys, and it is hours of fun.  Giggling and kicking from under the fabric form.  Life is good, even if it rains.

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Mom and Me

Mom and Me