Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Spy, With My Little Eye....

Yesterday, 4:00 pm.... 
Roa and I were playing with rice in his sensory table in our front yard.  Roa kept looking up into the sky.  Being the trained EC teacher that I am... always looking for the language-rich experience... I said, "Wow, Roa!  I see a birds in the sky!  Look at the clouds., etc.." 
Roa looked at me and said, "M-O-O-N!"
I glanced up and sure enough, there was a tiny, barely visible sliver of the moon showing in the bright spring sky.

He has said moon before in mimic of us, but never completely on his own agenda.
Pure genious, I tell you!  Not that I am biased! :)


  1. You must be feeling over the "M-O-O-N" !!! Fantastic!

  2. So fantastic Jennifer! Pure genius indeed! :)


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Mom and Me