Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wheels for Roa

Our hyperbaric chamber took a little longer to get to us than we anticipated, but it will be here tomorrow afternoon!  We are very excited to set it up this coming weekend and begin oxygen therapy again.

Another new development in Roa's life is that his therapist, Andrea at Courage recommended we give a power wheelchair a try.  It was very emotional to consider this step in our lives.  Andrea stressed that this does not mean that she thinks Roa will not move on his own someday.  She STRONGLY feels that he will, but she said a power chair might give him a sense of independence, work on hand coordination, and just be a source of mobility for Roa.  We said we would give it a try for a couple weeks in our home. I got a call today from Reliable Medical and he is on a waiting list for a trial, but is should be 2-4 weeks!  Wow, our little guy in a wheelchair?  Life takes crazy turns.  Makes you REALLY think about how lucky we are to walk, crawl, run... move on our own.  

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