Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am, there for I walk.

Last night I had a dream that Roa was walking beside me.  It was such a sweet dream.  So very real.  I was walking our dogs and talking away to Roa as he laughed and listened... and WALKED next to me.

This morning as I lay awake in bed awaiting Roa's wake up, I thought about my wonderful dream.

I have been a faithful walker for over 15 years.  I gave jogging a try for a while, but due to back issues, went back to the power walk.  Walking daily helps me clear my head, motivate my actions in life, and keep my spirits up.  Before I met Bryan, I walked my dog, Tucker and found it the best time to think, pray, and just be.  Since Bryan has been in my life, he has joined my walk and we have had our most indepth talks on the move.  We bonded on those walks.  Bryan says walking is what made our relationship so strong. 
After having Roa, he joined the walk in his stroller or carrier.  We so look forward to our nightly walk that when winter hit last season, we sometimes battled over who would walk the dogs and who would stay home with baby Rojo.
This season, we are bundling Roa up and tucking him and his carrier into Daddy's jacket and off the whole family goes!  Crazy as it sounds, not only do our dogs walk with us, but our cat, Beast has tagged along on many occasions.
With walking being such a staple of the Thayer's existence, I cannot imagine Roa not walking.  Will he move along in his power wheelchair holding a dog leash?  Bryan will continue to carry him until he is too heavy to manage, but then what?  I will push him in his stroller for years to come, I assume.

 BUT, the Thayer's will keep walking!  And we will work with all our powers to help Roa walk.   And we will continue to pray each night as we fall into blissful dreaming of Roa walking on his own.....


  1. Jen,
    That was the most beautiful blog yet, and I must tell you I cried. I believe in my heart that God has blessed you with a glimpse in the future, and Roa will walk one day! You are truly a gifted writer and both Bryan and Roa are blessed to have you in their lives, as well as all who are fortunate to have met your family.
    We too are a family who "walks". We are more like a moving zoo, with Craig, I , the girls, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and most recently our 300 # pig, Templeton.
    Hugs to you and keep walking.......


  2. I think you have the most amazing spirit. He's so lucky to have you and your husband.

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  4. Couldn't say it any better than Vickie. Another beautiful, heartfelt, tear inducing piece. U have a lot of people who love u, believe in u, & walk with u, Jen. And we r All visualizing Roa & The Thayers walking down the road together on those traditional family walks. Xx


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