Friday, December 18, 2009

No more AFOs!

We are happy to report that, per Doctor Gormley, Roa no longer had AFOs for feet!  Today, Ellen and I went to Winkley Orthotics in Woodbury to have Jason, the Orthotist, trim them down to UCBs! UCBs are basically just a shoe insert for his foot to keep it straight and keep his toes from curling under due to muscle tone.   YIPPEE! 

Roa is beginning to tolerate a little more time today in the gait trainer.  He has absolute NO interest in being in the wheelchair.  We are thinking we will give it a try for the trial period, but Roa is going to be a walker-type or pushed in a stroller.  Being that powerchairs are approximately $6,000, we will totally work for the walker!

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Mom and Me