Friday, December 11, 2009


I finally got the time in a day to post a few videos of Rojo in action.  I hope you enjoy them as much as Bryan and I have!  We are very proud of our guy and his accomplishments, no matter how small.  Thanks to those of you who have emailed, called, or posted messages about your delight in the videos!  We appreciate it more than you know.

Bryan and I chat in length, usual on our walk, about support and how it comes to you, sometimes from unexpected places.   It is amazing how having a child who is developing on a different timeline  makes some people shy away from communicating with  you about your life.  Some people seem afraid to ask questions or seem nervous to interact with Roa. Some want to know all the details.  When we are jumping for joy over the tiny new change in his life, some people think, "What's the big deal?"  Some people know what a VERY BIG deal every little change Roa makes is.  Some don't get it. Some people whom you never dreamed would get it, DO, and reach out to you more than you could have dreamed! Some people you thought would be there for you, are not.  Some people call or email frequently with words of encouragement or offers to help in anyway they can.  Some people remember to ask about Bryan and I and how we are handling the challenge of  raising a child like Roa...that too is nice since "King Roa" occupies so much of our thoughts and actions-our lives seem to completely revolve around his needs.  Some only ask about Roa.  Some people truly don't want to get involved and, I think, that is their choice.

This holiday season, I think it is important to think about SUPPORT and what it means to you.  Are you supporting a worthy cause, helping someone who is down or in need this season?  Have you reached out to someone who might appreicate kind words or a simple chat? Have you made an attempt to make your friends and family know that they are important to you?

THAT is the spirit of Christmas.  That is giving of yourself to support others.

A big thanks to those of you who continue to support Roa in all his success, no matter how small.  Thank you to those who have been a shoulder to lean on when things get overwhelming.  We don't know what Roa's future looks like exactly, but we know we definitely have support in making it the best it can be.

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