Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Positive Appointment!

We had such a good visit at Gillette with Doctor Gormley yesterday!  First of all, we didn't have to wait for a super long time as we usually do!  This is great as Roa is not very patient, especially in the little exam. room!  Also, they remembered us and didn't ask all the same, routine questions about Roa as they have repeated in the past!  Nice!
Dr. Gormley is very personable and easy to talk to.  He doesn't act rushed and actually listens to all our questions with interest.  That is such a blessing as other specialists and the wide variety of pediatricians we have tried look at me coming in with my folder, calendar, and lists of questions/concerns and have that "Oh, we go...too informed and involved mom alert!" look on their face.

Dr. Gormley said that the botox is working beautifully for Roa.  He was pleased with his muscle tone in his legs and liked his walking without scissoring skill.  We are scheduled in March for his next round of botox that will be similar to this last, but will include his forearms.  The doc said that the gait trainer is a great idea now and that Roa looks great walking with support.  The powerchair is something to give a try, but he thinks that Roa is a bright kid who will master it and then may give us some grief if we make him try to move without it!  But, we said we would do the trial period, get the ball rolling for an order and possibly cancel it if Roa is moving easily with the gait trainer.

The gait trainer we are looking at is called the Rifton Pacer.I attached the picture to give you an idea of how he will move. It won't be available for trial for a few weeks as it needs to be special ordered for Rojo.
I also found a general pic of a power chair.   I called Reliable Medical yesterday and found that the chair is being delivered  TOMORROW!
 Merry Christmas, move the furniture, barricade the tree,.. Rojo will be on the go this holiday!

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