Thursday, December 17, 2009

Toddler Alert

Today was a day I will call, "Special Delivery Day".

At 10:15am the Reliable Medical Sales Rep. dropped off the powerchair.  At 10:17, the mailman brought a early Christmas present from Grandma Patty for Roa.  At 12:00pm, Mary, PT, brought a gait trainer for Roa to try.  And at 1:15, FedEx brought some Santa gifts I ordered!  The doorbell still rings in my head!  Ding Dong..

Roa responded to the wheelchair with curiosity.  I put him in it and he got a bit angry with all the adjustments of straps and belts I had to do.  Once I should him that it moved, he cheered up.  The wheelchair is powered by a joystick and Roa was a bit frustrated with trying to move it forward.  When operating it independently, he would kinda just go in a circle...backwards.  This got old and he fussed to get down.

We then open Grandma Patty's present of snowpants and snowboots.  The boots won the popularity contest over the wheelchair in seconds.  He wanted them on... NOW!  We then spent the rest of the time until Mary arrived walking around the house with Roa laughing with joy at his new black boots! 
What can I say? The kid's a walker!

The gait trainer Mary brought is not exactly the right size for Roa, but we will try it until the one ordered from Reliable Medical arrives.  Roa didn't get moving in it until I placed a ball in front of him. That set him off, ...kicking as he went!  He move directly into the Christmas tree and squealed with delight!  As I moved furniture around and out of the way, I thought to myself,  Finally, my toddler is getting into things and causing trouble!  I LOVE IT!

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