Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis the Season...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Now it is back to the work week as Roa and I enter another week of therapies!
We have not yet recieved our HBOT chamber, but after chatting with the girls at WI Hyperbarics, we know it is on the way.. shipped out Friday and should be here within a day or two.  We are very excited to begin oxygen therapy again in the comfort of our own home!

Now, on to the holiday talk...
Many people have been asking about gifts for Rojo.  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness in adding him to your Christmas list, but please, do not think that you have to purchase anything for him! 
Taking time to visit and play with him and talk with him is gift enough.  The Thayer's are not "stuff people" as I like to refer to it.  We don't need the latest hot toy or gadget that, I think, most Americans sadly focus their lives around. Christmas should be about family traditions, talking and getting to know each other, giving to people who are going without, and overall the birth of Jesus.   But,... I won't get on my soapbox and preach about earthly posessions.

But, some friends and family would like to generously give to little Roa and I thought we should post a few ideas.  Again, thank you for even considering our family in your Christmas budget!

Wind up toys, Koosh balls, tops, light up toys, small hand-held fun objects that Roa can focus on and reach for while working in his prone stander or at his highchair.
Hanging mobiles.  Roa loves the things that hang from the ceiling at his many therapy or doctor visits.  We would like a few for around our home.
Toys that are easily activated with a button, switch, or lever.  Roa wants so badly to make the cause and effect toy operate HIMSELF!
Music CDs and DVDs for Roa to listen to or watch while in the HBOT chamber.

As costs of Roa's medical care, therapies, adaptive equipment rise, we have decided to take up Roa's Auntie Ellen's offer to open a savings/benefit account in Roa's name.  We will respectfully be accepting donations for assistance in paying for the expenses of Roa's continued developmental progress.  Details about where to send donations will be on our blog shortly.

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