Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wriggly Roa!

Weekly Update-
The botox is kicking in! Roa is wobbly when walking, can sit with more ease, and his little thumbs are out!
We are seeing some frustration with these muscle changes. He cannot stand for as long as he used to at the ottoman while playing. He goes limp in the legs and plops to the floor while walking with us. This does make him a bit mad. But, on a positive note, he is able to grab things and actually get them IN his little paws with those thumbs more useful! That has been surprising fun for Roa! Another perk is that, with the walking difficulty, we are working more on crawling and Roa is not fighting it as much. He is starting to move his arms and legs,...slowly, in a crawling pattern. That is exciting for us all.
Craniosacral therapy has been great the past two weeks for Roa. We firmly believe that time with Kim and also with Angel in Minneapolis has really opened up something in his arms and shoulders. With that and the botox, Roa has been sleeping for 5 SOLID hours in a row!!!!!! LIFE HAS A NEW COLOR FOR MAMA!
Today we are off to Dr. John, the chiropractor for an adjustment for Roa and myself. All this crawling is giving us BOTH some grief! We have cut out our Friday aquatic therapy time with Andrea. It is nice to have a day without a scheduled therapy. It is great for me to have that time to focus on working with Roa, myself- using my ol teacher bag of tricks along with following through with all the therapist's recommendations.
We march on....


  1. Hello Thayer Family - I love your new layout!!! The picture of Roa with this post, he is looking like such a big boy - not a baby...Ohhh..How they grow so fast! I love reading about Roa's accomplishments!! Seriously...Could he get any cuter???


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