Friday, November 6, 2009

Becca can HEAR!

I just had to post today that I got a message from Melissa, mom to Becca, who went through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at the same time Roa did. Becca was born very premature, had medical issues, cerebral palsy, and was deaf. She is a bright, cute little 5 year old who moves around confidently in her power wheelchair and used sign to communicate.
Well, since HBOT and their return back home, Melissa noticed Becca was more in tune to things. She took her to the doctor who told her to visit the audiologist. Becca is NOW HEARING in her right ear!! She is being fit for a hearing aide and will be able to hear almost completely in that ear! The audiologist gives credit to the HBOT!

Miracles are happening, people, all around us everyday! Just open your eyes and count yourself lucky to be a part of it all!

Roa update:
He had a great session yesterday with Kim, his craniosacral therapist, and Angel, a craniosacral therapist in Minneapolis who specializes in children. We saw so much peace and calmness go over Roa as they worked. It was amazing. Today Roa seems to be using his arms with more ease, opening his hands up to grab, reaching high above his head. It could be a combination of the botox and the cranio. work... whatever it is, I am RUNNING with it! Today we will work on that crawl, crawl, crawl!!!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for contacting me on my blog, Elijahland, awhile ago! I'm so sorry I haven't responded until now. We've had a crazy couple of months it seems, but that's not really a good excuse. Basically, I'm just bad at responding in a timely manner, so please forgive me!

    Roa is so incredibly cute! I'm adding your blog to my bloglist so that I can keep up to date on your adventures. Hopefully we can chat sometime. :)

  2. That is amazing! How lucky are we to witness miracles?


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