Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Boy and his Dogs

Seriously?  Could you find a better therapy than "Lovin that pet o' mine"?
Here is our one of our best therapist, Molly, hard at work in the backyard with her boy. 
Can you see the small portion of her tongue sticking out?  Yep, that is Molly going in for the sensory stimulation technique of her choice while Bryan intervenes.
Roa honestly is most movitated in life by Max and Molly. He constantly is giggling and wanting to get by them to play. We walk to the dogs, crawl to the dogs, kneel to pet the dogs!
We think Roa is under the impression that he is part dog.  If you encounter him and he grabs you, wide-mouthed and ready to bite on your arm, be prepared to go into full doggy wrestle match!

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Mom and Me