Thursday, May 17, 2012


I had some trouble saving and posting on the blog in the past few weeks.  Sorry for the delay.  Time for an update.

Roa has had phenol and botox injections at Gillette.  He is adjusting very well and has a super gait right now for gait trainer walking and free walking-supported.  Floor time is a bit of a limp noodle fest, but we are working away at sitting, stretching, rolling, and moving in a crawling pattern.

Roa has begun working with a new private OT which is very exciting!!  I found Maile on and she happens to be in the Twin Cities area just for the spring/summer months.  She will be working one on one with Roa in a summer preschool program, conductive ed., and in our home.  Welcome, Maile to the team!

Jenni is our other PCA and has been great working with Roa Thursdays and Saturdays at Conductive Ed.  Roa is doing well at CE, continuing to make subtle changes every week.

Summer is right around the corner and Roa will begin Courage Riders again.  We can't wait.  Horse back riding is such a great way to gain trunk control.

As difficult as it is to come to this decision, Bryan and I have decided to sell our home and build a handicap accessible one story in a neighboring community.  We are anxious about this decision.  We LOVE our home and our neighborhood is the best!  However, the three levels is getting very difficult at Roa grows.  35 lbs now and tall!
Say a prayer that we can have a quick sale and low stress move into the building process.

Until more time allows.....               Jennifer

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