Friday, April 20, 2012

Angel on Four Wheels

I've decided to do an angel of the week post each week. I need the upbeat reminder of all the great people that have entered our lives due to Rojo. This week, I call bus driver, Dana, our Angel. After such a rough start to the school year transportation system with the very rude driver asking the ignorant question, "Doesn't he walk?", we were truly blessed,to have Dana drive Roa to school. Dana is smiley, friendly, and talkative. She never makes me feel bad,if I am running late or seem frazzled as I, many mornings! carry Gunnar on one hip while pushing Roa's chair,and pulling the gait trainer along behind. She always warmly greets Roa as a PERSON and makes him beam with pride. As Gunnar and I return to the house, my heart melts as I over hear Dana roll Roa up to the front of the bus to say HI to all the little girls and the to the back to greet the boys. She makes him feel a part of things when many times he sits apart. For that, Dana, YOU are the Thayer's Angel of the week! God bless!

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