Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Team Rojo

We said we didn't want to do it.  Our pride, our independence has kept us from asking for donations.  Many friends and family have given to Roa's fight through the years and we THANK YOU!
But, Roa has a chance to partake in an intense therapy program this summer.  The method is one that I have talked of before.  One that we tried for a brief time- Anat Baniel Method (ABM).  The program is pricey.  Insurance doesn't cover the cost because it is still considered experimental/alternative in nature.   We are looking to raise around $1200 to cover the cost of one weeks worth of sessions.
If you can find it in you heart... have a little extra in your pocketbook this month... please consider donating to Roa's fight.  
I have added a donations button to the right of this post.  It is through Paypal.  Safe donations and a chance to send Roa and family an encouraging note.

Thank you Roa's Angels for your time, prayers,  and cares.  ~  Jen and Bryan

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