Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wolf Fever

Ahhhh, vacation. Sharing a space with hundreds of people during the end of a Midwest winter...what does it lead to? Flu. Ugly feverish, coughing, sneezing, achy, throwing up messes! Each and everyone of us! The boys had double ear infections. We each had pink eye both eyes. It was not a pretty week at the Thayer's house. Roa missed going to school and therapy. His strong gag reflex kicked in with every cough and caused him to vomit. Thank goodness it did not lead to dehydration and a hospital trip this time! On a positive, Roa and Gunnar got to spend two afternoons with Grandpa Al and Grandma Bonnie, who were kind enough to come and help us out during our sick week. Saturday, Roa was finally able to return to his Conductive Ed. Program. Although cranky and weak by the end...he made it through. Tomorrow begins a much needed return to routine. Decides schooling the morning, we have our visit with Dr. Gormley at Gillette to discuss Roa's next round of Botox and phenol injections. We also would like to chat with the doc about beginning a nutritional approach to helping Roa with his CP- pairing whole natual food with a supplement, Vitarin,to help his body's intake of vitamins and minerals. Vitarin is a supplement, new to the market, designed specifically for cerebral palsy. Link below- Time to blow my still stuffy nose.... Nighty nite, All!

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