Monday, March 19, 2012

Marching forward

Botox and phenol injections within a month.  That is the main thing we learned from our visit with Dr. Gormley at Gillette last week.  It is a good thing- to be proactive in Roa's muscle tone management and increase the ease of his movements, allowing strengthening and increased coordination.  However, it is discouraging to have the length of time between injections shorten and to have the procedure repeated this soon, but it is a mystery as to how his body reacts to each treatment. Each time.

Dr. Gormley gave us the go ahead to begin Vitarin supplements.  I now am researching other nutritional therapeutic approaches to help treat cerebral palsy.

Roa is beginning to attempt to use his hands together in midline to manipulate toys.  This is a large task for him and is an exciting thing for us to witness!  He is also able to hold objects in his hand without losing his grasp when he tries to move it.  So promising... so hope-filled.

With this wonderful mild March weather, we are outside all the time!  Roa and Gunnar love to run up and down the play ramp on our swingset/playset, play with the kitchen set, and in the water table.  Roa also loves to sit in his ChildRite seat (like a large Bumbo chair) in the sandbox and play in the sand with his brother.  Of course he also love to run in his gait trainer and kick balls across the lawn.  We are on a mission to add some "Roa independent play" areas to our backyard this spring and summer.  Upright art easel, Water wall, and wall ball maze, just to name a few...
We also need to work on the making the terrain a bit more gait trainer friendly.

Roa is getting new afos this month.  Our boy is growing so tall and has outgrown his current braces.  The poor guy was getting bruises on his ankles!  We are patiently waiting for his new ones to be made.

That wraps up the current journey.  Until my next visit to the blog.  Keep the faith and keep the prayers a coming!

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