Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve. 9:10 pm. We didn't go to Christmas Eve Mass as we usually like to do. We didn't make a special dinner or read or Christmas stories. We instead are battling the flu. Poor Roa has it the worst, day two of throwing up. Poor guy. He did muster up enough energy to sit with Daddy in the kitchen to "help" Mom make a birthday cake for Jesus. Funny but all the talk of Santa and presents...our boy is most excited about the Christmas tree and Baby Jesus's birthday.
So what is birthday without a cake? Chocolate bundt cake with marshmallow creme glaze. Just what Jesus would order! Ha!

The presents are under the tree, the stockings are full of fidgets and treats. The lights of the tree are bright as we settle in the watch It's a Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time. Poor Roa is fitfully tossing and turning on the couch. Throwing up and crying on and off.

Not the peaceful night we wish for on Christmas. Yet we are blessed. Blessed with each other, a warm house, a full fridge, two vehicles in our garage,... Angels around us looking out for the Thayers during the holiday season (thank you, Santa's Elves, who ever you are) and family and friends who care.

And a birthday cake for Jesus waiting for tomorrow and a fresh new day to celebrate.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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