Sunday, December 11, 2011

I believe there are angels among us...

Today's sermon at church was about the stresses and worries of the holiday season. We all have them. Father told us today to be thankful for the "now" and the blessings we have today. Put aside the worries of money, family issues, pain, and sadness and celebrate the graces.

I feel blessed that although we are currently unemployed, we have the ability to work and will find Bryan another job. I feel blessed that although Roa's future is so uncertain, we have a wonderful network of therapists, teachers, and helpers, who keep the fight with us. I feel blessed that although he now uses a wheelchair often, Roa continues to have the drive to get out and walk with our support.
I feel blessed that someone cares enough to anonymously give to our family to make our Holiday a bit brighter. Thank You Santa's Elves, whoever you are!! God smiles down upon you and the Thayers will certainly pay it forward!

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