Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The chair

Roa's wheelchair is here! Yeah! The Quickie Zippy Zone was delivered on Friday and we have a happy Rojo on our hands. It's pretty much perfect except for the foot plate that needs to be raised for his three year old legs. Handi Medical did a top notch job getting that chair here as fast as they could so the last leg of our insurance could cover it. We have opted to pay the outrageous Cobra fee to extend our coverage another month as the job hunt continues. Roa can then continue with therapies, doctors,....

The chair is a blessing and a curse. Blessing- Roa likes it, its a good fit, it is transported on the bus, it fits in our Pathfinder, it makes Roa stand out as disabled.
Curse- it is not Roa walking, it comes with an underlying feeling of defeat, it makes Roa stand out as disabled.

We keep up with his gait training walks as much as possible, but sometimes, it is just easier to push that chair. Saturday, that little zippy zone made it through the slushy crowed streets of the Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade. We felt guilty for not bringing the GT, but crowds are not made for walkers, nor is the snow. Wheelchairs make it thru both. Convenient and sad.

We made up for it Sunday morning as Roa and his trainer followed Daddy with the snow blower up and down the drive way.

Walk walk, my boy! Your chariot awaits for less active days.

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