Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Namaste, "I bow to you",  is a greeting we use when doing yoga.  Hi, Peace, Good day... it means whatever you like it to mean, but the official meaning of Namaste is "I bow to you".

I started doing yoga about 7 years ago and immediately took to it!  I loved the feel of such control over my body.  The way I could feel each muscle move and hold during a position.  The joy of a good stretch of muscle tissue while breathing deep makes me feel so alive.
I loved my yoga practice so much that I started leading a yoga group with a coworker at the school district I taught.  It was so great to practice yoga with others and help them find the joy in full body awareness.  I even taught a summer school yoga and creative movement class for elementary kids!  I loved it!

My yoga days took a stand still when life got crazy- I  got engaged, moved, sold my house, started a new job, got married, pregnant, got in a major car accident,  healed, had Roa, bought a house and moved,...

I wanted to be one of those "yoga-moms-to-be"- proudly displaying my baby belly while in Warrior pose.  I wanted to do yoga with my newborn, cradling him lovingly while I stood strong in Tree.

However, life took a different turn for this Yogi.  I not only suffered such morning sickness throughout the pregnancy but I went through such pain and a long recovery after the car accident.  After Roa was born, cradling him lovingly in Tree pose was impossible as he arched and screamed and refluxed.  I even tried some yoga poses to help calm him and I for a few days, but the stress took over my tired body and I gave up.

Ironically, my son is the polar opposite of the nature of yoga.  He has limited body awareness, he struggles with muscle control, a good stretch  and massage in our eyes seems to cause him discomfort.  How could God give me a child who can not comprehend the power of yoga??

But, I am know seeing that God has a plan.  He has put in my path Conductive Education, the Methods of Anat Baniel, Craniosacral therapy.  I am reading and studying movement again and last week started a Anat Baniel course meeting every Wednesday night!  I am looking at muscles in a whole new light!

This Yogi is moving again, breathing again, beginning my yoga practice again- 3 days a week.
AND the beauty is, I'm taking my Roa WITH me on this ride of body awareness.  I am stopping feeling bad about his lack of control and guiding him through self discovery with the help of so many great therapists!

Namaste!  I bow to you, my beloved Roa!


  1. Great post. :) I finished reading all the back posts that you`ve done. I`m forever researching and I need to look into some of the things you`ve talked about. Feel free to e-mail me if you get a chance!! cheryldpeters (at) gmail (dot) com


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